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EPIC CODE: LAB43 Acetaminophen

Additional Codes

Sunquest: ACTMN


UPH Methodist Hospital
UPH Pekin Hospitalÿ
UPH Proctor Hospital


Serum collected in (SST)
Preferred Volume: 6.0 mL (Minimum 2.0 mL)

Other Acceptable Specimen(s)

Green (Lithium Heparin) Top Tube.

Storage/Transport Temperature

Serum/plasma at Ambient (room temperature) orÿ 2-8øC.ÿ If Gold SST tube is used for collection, serum must be analyzed within 24 hours or removed from gel tube for storage.

Separate serum or plasma from cells ASAP or within 2 hours from collection.

Stability (from collection to initiation)

After separation from cells:
Ambient (room Temperature) 8 hours
Refrigerated (2-8øC) Stability:2-8ø C: 7 days
Frozen (-20ø C) Stability: indefinitely

Unacceptable Conditions

EDTA plasma

Days Performed

Sunday – Saturday


Bichromatic Endpoint

Reference Interval

Therapeutic: 10 – 30 ug/mL

Toxic: 150 ug/mL4 hours after ingestion
50 ug/mL 12 hours after ingestion

ug/mL is reported as mcg/mL in LIS and EPIC

CPT Codes