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EPIC CODE: LAB1363 Neisseria Gonorrhea by DNA Probe

Important Note

Collection for Children under 14

Recent information has come out that carbomer, an ingredient in lubricant, will interfere with Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing within the Central Illinois Laboratory, producing an invalid result. We are now requiring that any Ct/Ng test collected with lubricant must not contain any carbomer. Invalid results will be rejected and patients will need to be recollected.


Sunquest: GCPRV


UPH Methodist Hospital


For endocervical collection, use the woven swab to remove excess mucus and collect the specimen with the flocked swab (brush). The collection tube should only contain the flocked swab. The specmen will be rejected if the tube contains no swab or 2 swabs.
For vaginal collection, use the woven swab from the collection kit. Discard the flocked swab-do not use for the vaginal collection.

For both samples types, after collecting carefully leverage the swab against the tube rim to break the swab shaft at the dark line. Discard the top portion of the swab. Tightly re-cap the cobas PCR media tube.

Stability (from collection to initiation)

Swabs and urine stabilized in PCR media 12 months at 2-30o C. Unpreserved – Urine 24 hours at 2-30o C.

Unacceptable Conditions

Endocervical or vaginal specimen: will reject if the tube contains no swab or 2 swabs.

Urine Specimen: Incorrect urine volume in the Cobas urine sample PCR media tube.

Excessive mucous or moderate or grossly bloody specimens may cause inhibition in the assay.


This assay should not be used for the evaluation for suspected sexual abuse or for other medico-legal indications

Days Performed

Monday – Friday



CPT Codes



Culture is recommended as the standard for Neiserria Gonorrhoeae in suspected sexual abuse or for other medico-legal purposes.