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SERVICE UPDATES                                                               LAB NEWS

7.15.21 - Limited Availability of Trichomonas Vaginalis PCR Testing

04.19.21 - Osmolality Calc/Reference Ranges                 Lab News May - June 2021

02.09.21 - eGRF Change                                                          Lab News June - July 2021               

                                                                                                Lab News August 2021                        



PROCEDURES                                                                         SUPPLY ORDERS

Blood Collection/Labeling Procedure                              Supply UPH Speicality Regional Affiliate
                                                                                                   Supply UPC - Corporate Form
                                                                                                   Supply Non - UPH Clients
                                                                                                   Supply COVID approved locations



Point of Care CAP
UnityPoint Methodist CAP  

UnityPoint Methodist CLIA

UnityPoint Pekin CLIA